Pretty exciting news... from March 6-20 I'll be doing a quick series of shows in India for the second time. I went in Feb 2016 and had a blast. My tour is being sponsored by the Canvas Laugh Club which has locations in Bombay and Gurgaon. I'll be doing about 16 shows and about 30 minutes at each show. I'll also be teaching a series of workshops on how to do stand up comedy. Cuz you know, I know how to do it. I'll post the specifics of the tour as the events get closer. I'm excited mainly because this will be my first time traveling internationally all alone. I usually have to go with another person, otherwise I start becoming very antsy. I'm excited to perform in Bombay but I am not excited to perform in Delhi (Gurgaon and Delhi are very close and sometimes referred to interchangeably by foreigners). It's still a sign of ignorance. Last time I performed in Delhi I found the scene to be lacking. We performed at a bar called Manhattan (lol). They enjoyed the local jokes to a fault. I am not from the area and cannot do local jokes. It was almost as if they only wanted to hear local jokes. Hopefully the scene has evolved. Last time I was so pissed I even refused to interact with the local comics. That was probably a jerk move. Here's a picture of me performing at Manhattan: