I performed this past Sunday at the Lyft headquarters in San Francisco at a summit for Bring Change 2 Mind which is an organization that brings mental health awareness to high schools around the Bay Area. It was founded by Glenn Close, and she was at the event as well. Glenn's sister and nephew both suffer from mental illness. I'm glad I did it, but I probably won't do another event like this again. I got a bad taste in my mouth right as I got to the building in the morning. We were waiting in the lobby to go up to the auditorium and the camera man for the event was sitting next to me. He asked me how I was involved and I said I was the host and was going to do some comedy. The conversation immediately died. This is my issue with San Francisco. The tech industry has taken over so much that if you say you are an artist people think it's weird. Christ.

The event kicked off at 10am. I brought up Glenn and she gave a talk. It was great to meet her. I just kept picturing her movie roles as I was looking at her. Then I went up and did stand up. I've never performed for high school kids before. It was amazing because they understood all my jokes. I thought there would be an age barrier but there wasn't.

After I got off, I was told my the organizer that my jokes were too offensive! She said that my jokes about schizophrenia were insensitive (LOL). As you may know, my mother has schizophrenia and I have full reign to speak on the topic as I like. If you're interested in what those jokes are like, check out this clip at around 6:30. She also said my Google self driving car joke was too offensive because I said the phrase "kill yourself". Anyhow...

There were some interesting speakers at the event. One was a girl named Sarah Hawkinson who has a YouTube channel with close to a half million subscribers. She talks about horror movies, fashion, and psychology. She's really interesting, but didn't seem to want to talk much to me when I tried to engage her. There was also this girl named Amanda Southworth who is working on an app to help people with anxiety. She said the phrase "dick pics" while on stage and took the focus off of me and my "offensive" material.

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