These days I am just drinking coffee all the time. Generally what I do is go to a coffee shop, do a couple tasks, move to another coffee shop, do some more tasks, over and over. I have a few that I go to and it's not rare for me to hit all of them in one day. I've even gotten into a fight at a Starbucks, so I hope that sheds a little light for you. There was barely any space at a table at the Starbucks on Melrose, but me with my San Francisco space saving abilities decided to squeeze myself in. The guy sitting next to me says "Hey, I think your laptop is really close to mine". To which I said "I'm sorry my laptop is so close to yours at this PUBLIC STARBUCKS."

Him: "I don't appreciate your sarcasm, why don't you move."
Me: "I'm sorry your Hollywood dreams never worked out. Sorry they never casted for homeless looking idiot at a Starbucks."
Him: "Why don't we take this outside?"
Me: "If I take you outside you'll have a heat stroke, old man." (I walk away)
Him: "Yeah, walk away you little bitch"

Starbucks is a crazy place. That's what happens when you let anyone come in. I much prefer this delightful coffee shop called Toasted and Roasted. It's quaint, but their internet is super fast, and the coffee is really good. The owner (I think) overheard me talking about being a stand up comedian and he let me know that they have an open mic on Wednesdays. I love useful eavesdropping.

The other place I go to is Coffee Comissary. I saw the Sklar Brothers hanging out there a few weeks ago. People are always working on their scripts there. A little blatantly if you ask me. It seems like they are more trying to be seen than do actual work. I say that because their internet sucks. I've never been productive there.

Toasted and Roasted: