So I shaved my head recently. Not all the way, but #1 on the sides and #2 on the top. I'll share some pictures at some point, but right now I don't like putting pictures of myself on my blog. The reason I cut my hair so short is because it was thinning a little bit and I was starting to fret that I might not be able to get a commercial or acting role because of my hair. I got so mad thinking about all that because it's something that I cannot control. Hollywood is so materialistic and superficial. I would walk by windows and catch my reflection and feel sad when I could see my scalp through my hair. Anyway, I decided that the anguish wasn't worth it, and if Hollywood doesn't want me without my hair, then I don't want them. I walked by the most hilarious place that summed up the whole thing. It's a gift shop called Atomic City. They sell "designer jewelry" and they ACCEPT EBT. I can't believe the mindset of a shop that wants to prey on the vanity of poor people.

Anyway, things are looking decent today. The Setup will be in SF Sketchfest again this year. This time it will be at Doc's Lab on January 28th.