Right now I'm taking the Bolt Bus from Hollywood to San Francisco. I do this every week. I usually take it on Sunday from SF down to LA and then back up on either Thursday or Friday. I just paid $6.99 for "High Speed Internet" which should just be called "Usable Internet". I paid that money just to write this. Priorities. I'm coming up today because my friend Michael Makarov is producing Comedy vs Nerds at my venue. I honestly don't know what the name means and I'm afraid to ask. It's just a stand up showcase with a focus on jokes about tech. Anyway, Michael told me that he promoted the show to mostly women so that I could potentially meet them. What a sweet gesture. I think I do too many jokes about being single and undateable. I'm going to start thinking about cultivating a more attractive image on stage. Anyhow, I just listened to this album while staring out the window. He's a rapper named Lute who is signed on J Cole's label. He's awesome. He talks about real stuff like not having enough space for his daughter's toys. That's my jam.