I tried playing music for a while before doing comedy. It's ironic that I do stand up comedy because my favorite thing about music is how serious musicians can allow themselves to be. Sure, you can make jokes out of pain as Tig Notaro has famously done in her cancer set.  But it's a lot of advanced jujitsu to get people to laugh at dark things. I performed recently at a conference for Api Mixtape. I was booked for 20 minutes. I didn't time myself though so it was on me to just get off when I felt like 20 minutes was over. I did all my light hearted silly material which went over swimmingly. At that point I wasn't sure if I had done 20 minutes or not... so I went into some material about my mom's mental illness. Believe me when I say that those jokes didn't smash for a tired crowd who had watched 6 hours of presentations. I finished my set and got off to a lukewarm response. Less is more! I should have timed myself. 2016 Api Mixtape Conference, never forget. Talking to people after you've given a bad to ok performance is such a gross feeling. It's so important to remember to divorce yourself emotionally from the audience. If you get too invested, you get hurt. Sounds cliche, I know. If I do badly, I always tell myself "this audience doesn't hate you". If I do great I tell myself "this audience doesn't love you". Never mistake the audience reaction for a real feeling. You're doing an act and they either choose to buy into it or not.

I've been listening to a lot of Frank Sinatra recently. My favorite album, and I'm sure many other people's as well, is In the Wee Small Hours. I heard someone say once that it's ridiculous that Sinatra is listed as "Easy Listening" when really it should be "Suicide Music". It's so cool that he doesn't have to have a punch line. Just say what's on your mind and move on.

But I know that musicians often get jealous of comedians too, so I think it's a grass is greener situation. Also, I can't understand how musicians travel with so much equipment. As a comedian I literally only have to bring myself. I'm so thankful. And also, it's just me up there. Working with people is so difficult, I don't know how a band of 4 or 5 people can keep it together.