I haven't read anything in my Facebook feed for a couple months and it's helped lots with peace of mind. Not much has happened in the way of missing out. One time I was supposed to participate in a documentary and the only communication the organizer had with me was that she tagged me in a Facebook event. I didn't see the notification and I never showed up. But that's not too bad for two months of mental clarity! I'm using this plugin for Chrome. It's called "News Feed Eradicator" and instead of displaying your Facebook feed it just shows a motivational quote. I love it. I wish there was something similar for the app on your phone. I just deleted the app off my phone completely. I do keep Facebook messenger so that people can contact me if they need to.

It's hard to understand why it was so irritating to be on Facebook. A lot of it had to do with jealousy. It was tough to keep seeing other people getting comedy successes. Instead of working on my own stand up I just stopped to think about why I wasn't being as successful as these other people. ....I also didn't like seeing pictures of girls I had dated. One time I remember Facebook said "You haven't spoken to X in a long time, do you want to reconnect?" I'm like yeah I want to reconnect, but why don't you check how she feels first?

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