Last night I went to the Hay Ride at Griffith Park. It wasn't scary, but it was definitely odd. I hung out with my friends Jason Kyle and Grace Ingland who are both actors here in LA. On the way there I tried to charge my Absolute Xtracts vape pen in the car... but alas, it didn't work. I'm going to say it here and now, they suck. The vape pen was given to me when I performed on The Gateway Show in San Francisco. The concept of the show is that you perform one set sober, then get super high and perform the next set high out of your mind. Anyway, if I could have gotten high then maybe the park would have been scarier but it ABSOLUTELY was not. I mean, I guess if you are 12 it might be scary. The first thing we did was eat deep fried mac and cheese balls and donuts. Then! We stood in line for an hour. Ugh, I hate waiting for anything. I won't even wait 5 min for a table at brunch. This was madness. After an hour they put us in loading cages (lol) which prompted several jokes about how it felt like we were in the Holocaust (if this makes you mad go write about it in your diary). The ride lasted 30 min. Clowns and various ghouls pop out of the dark and scare you with various tactics. Some make weird noises, some hit the wagon with "weapons", and some say weird shit to you. I did respect that the actors committed to the role. What's actually terrifying is that these are all people trying to make it in Hollywood. There were a few times that the wagon stopped and you'd see a performance of sorts. My favorite was the punk rock zombies and strippers. The one part that was almost legitimately scary was when the wagon stopped and we had to get off and walk through a house where a strobe light was flickering intermittently. There's no way for you to gauge where the monsters are and they can definitely surprise you. Anyway, that about sums it up.

There are various attractions around the park such as a merry go round (scary go round) that goes backwards and all the horses are skeletons. There was also a strange man walking around the ride the whole time as you can see in the picture below. Yes, I am eating fries. The nausea I felt from eating while going backwards was probably the scariest part of the whole experience. And yes, he's wearing some sort of undead bluetooth device.