I'm so glad that I decided to get into improv. I'm taking UCB Improv 101 which is held at the Sunset location. It's serious. I took improv classes in San Francisco and they were fun, but by virtue of the people who were in the class, they just weren't that good. Most of the attendees were people who wanted to "be funny at my job!" or "try to get out of my shell!" In my class here it's all aspiring actors and comedians. The book is awesome. I didn't realize that there are hard and fast rules of improv. It makes me wonder if other schools like the Groundlings have such a defined structure. And if they do, can UCB graduates do improv with people from the Groundlings? Anyhow, I always thought that as a stand up comedian that I would never be able to do improv because they are basically the opposite thing. Pre written versus in-the-moment. It's not the case though. You have to improvise within the boundaries that are provided to you. That's all I need, just a bit of structure. And really, everyone does. How many people do anything in a completely structureless environment? Even burning man has order... I think. Well, they have a website at least.

And the best part about UCB? This fun cafe with fast wifi, good food, and coffee. This is the Inner Sanctum, they have shows here occasionally. I'll be performing on Cool, Thanks on December 21st.