I am taking a class on how to audition for commercials. I had the first class last night and it's really good. The guy running the class told us that he had been in 22 episodes of Scandal and that he did one Honda commercial which paid more than all 22 episodes combined. He told us that doing commercials might not be ideal but it definitely helps pay the bills. I had a great time in the class. We had to read sides for an Applebee's commercial. The dialogue was the following:


I panicked when I read this. It's so cheesy and stupid I was like oh no what am I doing? This is a real commercial that aired apparently. I love the fact that you can't say "shit" on tv but you can show a woman having an orgasm while eating Applebee's. Anyhow, the whole exercise was to commit to the commercial and see if you could sell it regardless of how stupid it is. We all recorded one take of the commercial and then we watched every single one in front of the whole class while the teacher gave us feedback. It's so important to watch yourself on camera to know what you are putting out into the world. For example, the first line "Why am I a fan favorite...?" had to be delivered in a deadpan tone. However, when I went deadpan, it was TOO deadpan. So I was asked to redo it with just a bit of a smile. So it's interesting to note that my deadpan is more deadpan than a normal person's. 

Auditioning for commercials is all about appealing to left brained people. There are tons of little things that you need to do. The director will give you eye lines for where certain people you are imagining in the scene are. You HAVE to look in the EXACT right direction, otherwise you get cut. Another thing is that you do not stop acting until the director says cut. That's the mistake I made in the Clash Royale audition.

Another interesting tidbit is that now casting directors want you to act like a real person. Previously it was all about acting like a spokesperson. Clean, scripted, loud, direct, polished. Now it's all about being natural haha. In fact sometimes the casting director will ask agencies for real people... see the issue?