I went to a show the other day at The Friend in Los Files. It's a cafe/bar which has comedy on Monday nights. Maybe other nights too, but I went on Monday to witness the the saddest occasion. The lineup was Kyle Kinane, Dan St. Germain, Adam Conover, Nikki Glaser, and Solomon Giorgio. How much would it cost to see a show like this in San Francisco? I don't know... $80-$100? This show was FREE. And not only that! The host PAID people FIVE DOLLARS to sit in the front row. I cannot tell you how sick I felt. Talk about supply and demand. I don't want to link their show because I don't want to give them any SEO power to reward such awful behavior. Anyhow, this post is short because of how disheartened I feel.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 8.17.46 PM.png